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	Marian Amza - A coffee-addict Unix wizard ;-)

	UnixTeacher [ --admin unix/linux systems ]
		    [ --freebsd --jails --chroot ]
		    [ --linux --embedded ]

	~23 years experience in Linux & UNIX
	TCP/IP, firewalls, network design, DNS, security
	Security auditing, nmap, Penetration tests
	Security policy & hardening, patching (Linux & FreeBSD)
	Antispam Solutions, Mailservers Security, Email Authentication
	High end web servers. (dual strat, clusters, content caching & high speed delivery)
	Internet Support & Management
	DDoS Protection, Advanced DDoS mitigation techniques
	Intrusion detection and prevention systems
	Web application security
	Embedded linux devices
	Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

	Apache 2.0 Administration
	Linux Administration
	Network Security
	Networking Concepts
	Firewall Administration Concepts
	Linux Administration - Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

	Electronic equipments
	Digital devices and electronic systems
	Digital data processing and transmission
	Electronic and computer-based control systems
	Electronic measurement systems
	Microelectronic and electronic devices
	Computer systems and networks

	Research design, and development of innovative solutions for security. 
        Special interest in hardening, firewalls and parallel computing. 
        Also, my main interests are in programming languages, compilers, 
	program analysis tools and Computer Science. Theory and algorithms 
        for control of mobile robots, industrial automatics and robotics, 
        internet engineering.
	My current focus is security auditing of networks and systems. 
        I am experienced in running network and vulnerability scans of large, 
        security hardening, heterogeneous networks using automated scanning software 
        and also detailed penetration tests with a significant manual effort. 
	These skills are based on a deep understanding of TCP/IP networks, 
        Unix systems and security policies. 
	I originally learned audit techniques to verify the security of networks 
        and devices that I have been responsible for.

	Sat Jan  6 23:28:17 CET 2018