Linux rolls out to most Toyota and Lexus vehicles in North America

At the recent Automotive Linux Summit, held May 31 to June 2 in Tokyo, The Linux Foundation’s Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project had one of its biggest announcements in its short history: The first automobile with AGLs open source Linux based Unified Code Base (UCB) infotainment stack will hit the streets in a few months. In his ALS keynote presentation, AGL director Dan Cauchy showed Read More

Building Nginx from source with ALPN support

What is ALPN ? Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) is a Transport Layer Security (TLS) extension for application layer protocol negotiation. ALPN allows the application layer to negotiate which protocol should be performed over a secure connection in a manner which avoids additional round trips and which is independent of the application layer protocols. It is used by HTTP/2. Why not NPN ? (Next Protocol Negotiation) Read More

Postfix Built-in Content Inspection

Built-in content inspection introduction Postfix supports a built-in filter mechanism that examines message header and message body content, one line at a time, before it is stored in the Postfix queue. The filter is usually implemented with POSIX or PCRE regular expressions, as described in the header_checks(5) manual page. The original purpose of the built-in filter is to stop an outbreak of specific email worms Read More

Speed up web delivery with Nginx and TFO

What is TFO ? In computer networking, TCP Fast Open (TFO) is an extension to speed up the opening of successive Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections between two endpoints. It works by using a TFO cookie (a TCP option), which is a cryptographic cookie stored on the client and set upon the initial connection with the server. When the client later reconnects, it sends the Read More